10 June 2012

RSVG-Convert SVG image conversion tool

LibRSVG is probably one of well known svg library (other is Batik), the library use libcairo for pdf,ps and svg backend. This is a convenient static build of RSVG-Convert (part of librsvg 2.34.2) compiled with MinGW. I made this since originally the executable would dragged many dependencies.

The command line also used by ImageMagick through delegates although being deprecated (the rsvg wrapper), currently rsvg-convert.exe support png, ps, pdf and xml output but not jpg.

use "rsvg-convert --help" to see its command options, notice that the default output is stdout so be sure to specify file output.

rsvg-convert-2.40.19_FC.7z  (2-12-2017) with fontconfig support 
rsvg-convert-  (22-11-2017) no fontconfig support
rsvg-convert-dll-  (12-10-2016) more stable than static build with fontconfig below
rsvg-convert-  (09-06-2016) with experimental emf output and fontconfig support
rsvg-convert-  (18-05-2016) no fontconfig

note: embedded images now displayed (broken in previous builds), now support jpg, gif, png, svg, webp, tiff, wmf, emf, ico, xbm. images mime type alias also added.